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22 Sweet Novels like Beauty and the Beast (Clean Romance Edition!)


Have you been wondering sweet novels like Beauty and the Beast? I’ve got you covered!

Hand on heart, who among us hasn’t fallen head over heels for the “tale as old as time,” Beauty and the Beast? I mean, come on, who could resist that enchanting library with the rolling staircase? Not this girl!

Since my Disney-infused childhood, I’ve spent years immersing myself in countless retellings of this timeless story, each version adding a unique spin but always staying true to the heart of this classic tale.

So, trust me when I tell you, I know a thing or two about this world of bittersweet magic, love, and transformation. If you’re on the hunt for clean, heart-warming versions of Beauty and the Beast, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s dive into this enchanting world together, shall we?

My Top 3 Beauty and the Beast Romance Books

#1 Top Pick

Beauty and the Beast by K.M. Shea

Amazing characters with the best dialogue

#2 Pick

Masque by W.R. Gingell

Best blend of comedy, mystery, and regency-style plot

#3 Pick

The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson

Slow burn romance with heartfelt faith themes

Best 22 Books Novels like Beauty and the Beast

1. Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

Rating: ☆ 3.65 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: YA Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Nyx was born into a prearranged marriage with the evil Ignifex due to a family pact. Trained to overthrow him, she’s bitter about her fate. On her 17th birthday, she decides to wed Ignifex, charm him, destroy his enchanted castle, and free her people.

But things go sideways. Ignifex isn’t the beast she expected and his magical castle mesmerizes her. As she delves into his mysteries, she surprisingly falls for him. Torn between duty and unexpected love, Nyx must make a tough choice – her kingdom’s freedom or a forbidden love. Time’s running out.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This book? An absolute thrill ride! Fast-paced with mystery and intrigue around every bend. The characters were so well-crafted, they felt like friends.

The setting? Simply immersive. There’s a mature (closed-door) scene, making it a better fit for upper YA readers.

“They said that love was terrifying and tender, wild and sweet, and none of it made any sense.
But now I knew that every mad word was true.”

― Rosamund Hodge, Cruel Beauty

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2. Beauty and the Beast by K.M. Shea

Rating: ☆ 4.11 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Elle lands in a magical chateau, breaking her leg, only to meet the cursed owner, Prince Severin. He needs her love to break his spell, but she isn’t keen on helping, not being a fan of royals.

However, the chateau’s servants have their own plans. As they bond over gardens and shared fears, feelings bud. But with Elle’s secrets and Severin’s life in danger, can they find their happily ever after?

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

K.M. Shea’s magical fantasy world is just enchanting! I was smitten with her Beauty and the Beast retelling – it felt so cozy and fantastical. The characters? Brilliantly crafted, and they won me over instantly.

The dialogue was the cherry on top, with its wit and liveliness. This wasn’t just a book, it was a journey I’d happily embark on again!

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3. Hunted by Meagan Spooner

Rating: ☆ 3.88 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: YA Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Beauty knows the Beast’s forest like her own heartbeat. Raised among high-born city folks, but with a hunter father who knows the forest’s secrets, she’s comfortable when they lose their wealth and move back to the outskirts. No more idle chatter or pressure to marry rich!

But when her dad goes missing after obsessively tracking a mysterious creature, Yeva takes up the hunt. Ignoring her sisters’ warnings, she follows the Beast into a fairy-tale world of danger and mystery, teetering between ruin and salvation. The question is – who’ll come out on top: Beauty or the Beast?

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

Reading this book was like diving into a winter wonderland. Set in a world echoing rural medieval Russia, I was instantly drawn into its icy charm. Perfect for a cozy winter day under a blanket with a warm drink.

The story, is a unique take on fairy tale retellings, beautifully balanced romance, and plot. The sweet hint of romance was there but never took center stage, making it all the more special. Oh, and it was a total page-turner! The storyline, the characters, the intrigue – it all made for a riveting read.

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4. Indigo Isle by T.I. Lowe

Rating: ☆ 4.28 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance |  Read it!

Former New York lawyer Hudson Renfrow retreats to an island, cultivating indigo and shunning visitors. When a film crew gets stranded with him due to a hurricane, an unexpected friendship develops.

Hudson starts to shed his tough exterior, revealing a need for forgiveness and a new beginning. This is a soulful story about clinging on, letting go, redemption, reconciliation, and healing love.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This book, a modern spin on Beauty and the Beast, is a genuine page-turner. Its characters are so alive, you’ll feel you’re part of their conversation.

The coastal South Carolina backdrop is so vivid, it’s like you’re right there. It’s a perfect beach read, blending in with the sand and waves. Trust me, take this book on your beach trip – it’s a perfect way to escape while soaking up the sun.

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5. The Librarian and Her Beast by Laura Ann

Rating: ☆ 3.84 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Contemporary Romance |  Read it!

Librarian Piper Belmont’s life flips when the new football coach, Nash Wilde, lands at her school. A real looker, he’s all grunts and nods. Not one to judge, Piper goes out with him. But as they start to connect, an emergency calls Piper away.

Will she uncover the mystery behind Nash’s silence or will the resident beauty queen snag Nash before Piper returns?

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This book? An absolute joy! It’s got the opposites attract trope, making for delightful character interactions. Drama and romance blend well, like a fun rollercoaster ride you want to repeat.

Best part? It’s snack-sized – only 133 pages. No long haul, just a satisfying quick read.

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6. The Merchant’s Daughter by Melanie Dickerson

Rating: ☆ 4 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Christian Historical Romance |  Read it!

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Annabel, once a high-society girl, now serves the feared Lord Ranulf. With Ranulf’s lurky bailiff making unwanted moves, she dreams of escaping to a nunnery for peace and faith.

Yet, she finds unexpected joy and safety with Lord Ranulf. Now, she’s got a serious choice to make – stick to her original plan or follow a divine calling. And guess what? Ranulf’s fate and, perhaps, his heart, hang in the balance.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

Reading this book was an absolute whirlwind of an experience for me. The characters were so robust and real; their personal growth was a journey in itself.

The romance was a delightful slow burn, and the faith themes were refreshingly profound. It was more than just a read – it was a soul-touching adventure.

“You make me feel so safe.” She brought her knees up and tucked her head beneath his chin, curling up like a kitten on his chest. If he died now, he would die happy. His chest expanded and his whole body felt alive with pleasant sensations. He could be content to stay here, without moving, forever.”

― Melanie Dickerson, The Merchant’s Daughter

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7. Fake Dating’s a Beast by Emily Fluke

Rating: ☆ 4.07 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Contemporary Romance |  Read it!

Inherited a family curse from my gold-digging grandma, I have to make someone fall for me before I turn 25, or bad luck will rain on everyone I know. My only hope?

The town’s rich playboy, Brett. I made a deal with him: I’ll support his mayoral campaign if he saves my family’s house and pretends to be in love with me. Trick is, my deadline’s Halloween. Can this fake romance shake my curse?

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This book perfectly mixes fake dating and a small-town setting! The relatable characters were a treat, feeling like people you’d bump into around town.

If you’re after a quick, feel-good read, this book is a must.

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8. The Beast’s Heart by Leife Shallcross

Rating: ☆ 3.66 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Neither entirely beast nor wholly man, he exists somewhere in between. The curse that brought him low also became his salvation, although it wasn’t apparent at the time. His redemption had a shameful beginning; it was born from an act of desperation in the face of unbearable loneliness.

Despite his actions, he was rewarded beyond measure. Isabeau, his love, taught him to be human again. But now, he faces the unbearable possibility of losing her.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

Picking up this book was like snuggling in a warm fuzzy blanket. The romance? Sweet and innocent. The characters? Real and relatable.

And the setting? Pure magic. The Beast’s house was a living, breathing character in the story, whispering tales of adventure.

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9. The Rose and the Wand by E.J. Kitchens

Rating: ☆ 4.23 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Enchantress Lady Alexandria, in a twist of fate, becomes the villain of her tale. After a spell gone wrong turns her into an old hag and also curses a prideful prince to beasthood, she’s now in a hidden village running from Magic Collectors and wrestling with unexpected feelings for a woodsman who’s all too familiar.

The clock’s ticking: if she doesn’t learn true love and humility quick, both she and the beast prince will remain cursed forever.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

I recently fell for a unique spin on Beauty and the Beast – it’s all about the Enchantress, Alexandria. I know, rooting for the ‘bad guy’ sounds odd, but man, this author knows how to make you connect. And the plot? It’s speedy, like a rollercoaster you never want to stop.

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10. Marrying the Beast by Bree Livingston

Rating: ☆ 4.37 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Contemporary Romance |  Read it!

After a year of stalking scare, Isabeau Daniels is all set for a fresh start in Dallas, working as a housekeeper for the reclusive lawyer, Rowan Masters. A car crash left Rowan physically and emotionally scarred, confining him to his ancestral mansion.

But now, marriage is the only way to keep his home. Isabeau finds solace in the mansion’s security and Rowan needs a wife. A deal is struck, but can this convenience marriage blossom into love, helping both move past their traumas?

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This book was simply delightful! It’s a sweet romance that runs deep, with characters you can’t help but love. Their growth is gradual and genuine, making their journey even more compelling.

The marriage of convenience trope adds a fresh twist, making it impossible to put down.

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11. Enchantment by Camille Peters

Rating: ☆ 4.26 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Maren’s life takes a wild turn when she flees a forced marriage and ends up in Malvagarian Palace, home to magic, a cursed prince, Briar, and an enchanted rose that traps her. Despite their initial clashes, sparks fly between Maren and Briar.

But when a dark magic threatens the kingdom and its king, they must both make a heart-wrenching sacrifice. The palace garden’s price for peace might just be too steep.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

Camille’s penned a brilliant Beauty and the Beast retelling. Her vivid settings and characters transport you straight into the story. This book is part of a series. You can read it as a standalone, but the series offers a richer character experience.

So, if you’re into captivating series like me, read them in order—it’s worth the dive!

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12. Beauty among Ruins by J’nell Ciesielski

Rating: ☆ 4.05 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Christian Historical Romance, World War Ⅰ |  Read it!

American socialite Lily Durham gets shipped off to England, hoping for a reality check. But then, the Great War happens, she’s nursing wounded soldiers in a Scottish wilderness, and who does she bump into but Alec MacGregor?

He’s the broody, debt-ridden lord of a near-ruined castle. Together, they’re caught up in a mystery that might save the castle, or maybe they’re just falling for each other.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

What a delight this Scottish historical romance was! The characters were simply enchanting, and their growth had me hooked. This wasn’t just a book; it was an experience, swirling with romance and mystery that kept me on my toes.

The book’s pacing was spot on, keeping me hooked until the very end!

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13. Windswept Way by Irene Hannon

Rating: ☆ 4.41 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance |  Read it!

Ashley Scott, blindsided by life’s curveballs, lands in Hope Harbor, Oregon, with big plans for a fresh start. Enter Jonathan Gray, a private, wounded warrior, and her unsuspecting neighbor.

Unexpectedly roped into Ashley’s ambitious plan to restore a historic estate, he finds himself more invested than intended. As the restoration journey unfolds, healing, hope, and unexpected love bloom along the way.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

Irene Hannon has storytelling down pat – great pacing, an engaging plot, and characters as real as they come.

The romance was like watching a flower bloom – pure and beautiful. But the cherry on top? The seamless blend of faith into the story. It was the perfect read!

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14. Before Beauty by Brittany Fichter

Rating: ☆ 4.01 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Everard, once a warrior prince, now carries a dark curse following his father’s death. The curse doesn’t just burden him; it upends Isa, a merchant’s daughter, and weakens the Fortress protecting Destin.

With the enemy looming, Everard and Isa must brave their pasts to lift the curse and protect their home. Their journey could end in love, or eternal darkness.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This isn’t your typical Beauty and the Beast retelling – it’s fresh, captivating, and oh-so transformative. The characters evolve beautifully, the book explores deep themes like redemption and forgiveness, and it will make you feel all the feels.

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15. Attracting the Billionaire by Ginny Sterling

Rating: ☆ 4.72 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Contemporary Romance |  Read it!

Meet Gabriel Drummond, the reclusive billionaire boss with a penchant for phone calls and solitude. Nestled somewhere in Quebec’s wilderness, this tech whiz and lucky soul is about to get a reality shakeup.

Enter Esme Tucker, handed a golden ticket to a new life as long as she adheres to the rules. Can she navigate the company, ignore her suspicions, and befriend the enigmatic Gabriel? Or will she find love in bending the rules?

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This book was a total treat – a romance that tugs you in and keeps you hooked. The characters felt real, and their story was beautifully layered.

And let’s not forget the forced proximity trope, adding that irresistible spark. It’s the sort of book that leaves you content, yet yearning for more.

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16. Beauty by Robin McKinley

Rating: ☆ 4.05 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: YA Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Beauty, despite her name, has always felt like the odd one out. She’s all angles and elbows, while her sisters are the ones turning heads. But what she might lack in the looks department, she more than makes up for in guts.

So, when her dad comes home with a wild story about an enchanted castle hidden deep in the woods and a terrifying promise he’s made to its Beastly inhabitant, Beauty knows what she has to do. Her dad tries to stop her, but she simply asks him, “Can’t a Beast be tamed?”

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This is a classic take on Beauty and the Beast that I read as a child. It’s a faithful rendition with a few twists that breathe new life into this beloved tale.

The vivid character sketches and settings make you part of the journey, and while it may not be action-packed from the get-go, the slower pace really lets you soak in the story’s depth.

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17. Masque by W.R. Gingell

Rating: ☆ 4.29 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Fantasy Romance, Mystery |  Read it!

At the Annual Ambassadorial Ball, Lady Isabella Farrah finds herself wrapped up in mystery. Odd encounters with Lord Pecus and Lord Topher raise her curiosity. Then, her friend Raoul, the Head Guardsman, is found dead.

Espionage whispers fill the air, but Isabella believes there’s more to the story. Despite Lord Pecus’s warnings to steer clear, she’s hell-bent on cracking this case herself. Can she uncover the truth before she becomes the next target?

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This book is a riotous blend of comedy, mystery, regency-style plot, and a sprinkle of Beauty and the Beast.

The characters, including the side ones, are colorful and hilarious. Funny and heartfelt, this indie author’s work is a standout. It’s a fun read that you just shouldn’t miss!

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18. Beauty and the Baron by Joanna Barker

Rating: ☆ 3.99 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Historical Regency Romance |  Read it!

Down on her luck, Rose Sinclair stares down the beastly Baron Norcliffe, bartering her service for her father’s freedom. Meanwhile, Henry Covington, the baron himself, finds his icy heart thawing in the presence of Rose’s relentless optimism.

As they peel back layers of misconceptions, a threat looms, challenging their fragile bond. Together, they must navigate the murky waters of trust to grab their shot at forever. Can they rewrite their destinies, or will the past ink their pages with despair?

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

I stumbled upon this charming Regency novella recently, and it’s so cute. Despite its shortness, the characters are remarkably well-developed, making the story unforgettable.

Surprisingly, the novella doesn’t compromise on character depth or plot richness. The sweet romance leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

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19. Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher

Rating: ☆ 4.08 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: YA Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Stranded in a blizzard, Bryony finds herself in a house where enchantments creep and a Beast lurks. Dark or delightful? Enemy or ally?

The roses aren’t telling, but they’re blooming out of season. With nothing but her gardening shears and sharp mind, she’s got to slice through the mystery—before it ensnares her and the Beast forever.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

I was totally captivated by the depth of the characters and their clever exchanges.

The storyline had some similarities with Beauty and the Beast, but it throws in enough twists and turns to keep you totally hooked. And let me tell you, the vivid descriptions of the settings? They bring the book to life in a unique way.

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20. Grace by Contract by Rachel Rossano

Rating: ☆ 4.41 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Historical Romance, Medieval |  Read it!

Grace Eldon’s life turns topsy-turvy when she moves to Brackenhurst with her sisters, landing in the thick of it working for the brooding, scarred Duke, Silas Isling. Thing is, Grace isn’t about to shy away from a little soot or a grumpy employer. Especially not when the Duke’s bookroom becomes her new cleaning assignment.

But here’s the kicker—Silas, with all his glowering, wasn’t ready for Grace’s brand of sunshine. As mysteries unravel and sparks kinda-sorta-maybe fly, could it be that our dear Duke has met his match?

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

The romance in the book was so sweet, like a delicious treat that slowly unfolds as the story progresses. The characters, both the main ones and the supporting cast, were crafted with such skill and felt so relatable, like friends you’ve known forever.

And let me tell you, the writing style was absolutely captivating! It effortlessly immerses you in the narrative, making it impossible to resist devouring the entire series in one sitting.

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21. The Curse Of Wrath by C.C. Sunny

Rating: ☆ 4.25 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: YA Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Despite Dianna’s promise to stay in the kingdom, her burning desire to return home persists. Her presence not only disrupts Beast’s solitude but also triggers memories of his past mistakes, as his powers remain suppressed by a curse.

Trapped in an endless punishment, he struggles to protect his people and kingdom from the witch who cursed him. This possessive and entitled witch will fiercely battle to maintain her perceived ownership.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

If you’re on the hunt for a book packed with enchantment, curses, magical creatures, and above all, a captivating romance, then look no further! This extraordinary retelling of the timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast spins a surprising twist.

The characters go through incredible personal growth throughout the story, while the meticulously crafted worldbuilding effortlessly transports you to its immersive depths.

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22. Beauty from the Beast by Sarah Beran

Rating: ☆ 4.57 out of 5 Stars |  Genre: Christian Fantasy Romance |  Read it!

Princess Talia awakens after a century-long curse by her mother, Queen Morrigan. She enters a new world, wearing a fancy crown, fearlessly battling the remaining forces of evil. During her diplomatic trip to Montaigne, Talia finds solace in an abandoned tower, unexpectedly drawn to Captain Pierre Lesard, a charming rogue with an impressive book collection.

As their friendship grows, they face the treacherous sorcery of Carabosse. With time running out, Lesard must rescue Talia and prove his true change. Ultimately, a monumental sacrifice tests the unbreakable power of true love.

What makes this fairy tale retelling worth a read?

This book is such a delightful mix of familiar fairy tale characters with a fresh twist! The storyline had me totally hooked, and the settings were so immersive, adding such depth to the whole narrative.

And the strong faith themes are woven together with redemption just made the characters’ journey all the more captivating!

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FAQs About Beauty and the Beast Retellings

What type of book is the beauty and the beast?

Beauty and the Beast is a fairy tale book. It is an absolute classic story that has captured the hearts of readers for generations. I mean, who doesn’t love a good love story with a twist?

It’s all about this young woman who falls head over heels for a prince who’s under a curse. But here’s the kicker – she learns to look past his looks and sees the true beauty within.

What romance trope is Beauty and the Beast?

The most popular romance trope in Beauty and the Beast is the grumpy x sunshine trope.

Just think about it: Beast, our grumpy main character, gradually warms up to Belle, his sunshine. This is one of the reasons why this tale has been adored for centuries.

What is Belle’s favorite book?

According to the theory floating around the internet, Belle’s favorite book is Aladdin because she says it has “far-off places, magic spells, sword fights, and a prince in disguise.”

Is A Court of Thorns and Roses spicy?

Yes, A Court of Thorns and Roses is a spicy retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

You can read more about the content warnings here on Rated Reads.

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Did you discover the best sweet novels like Beauty and the Beast?

So, did these Beauty from the Beast retellings reignite that spark for happily-ever-afters in you? Are you already clearing out a little nook in your bookshelf for it? (You know that space right next to the giant teacup.)

But seriously, you can’t deny the joy of a good clean novel with all the swoons and none of the spice. It’s like finding that extra fry at the bottom of the bag – a delightful little bonus!

Before we wrap this up, I’ve gotta ask – what’s YOUR favorite retelling? C’mon, don’t be shy; drop your recommendations in the comments below.

Let’s share the book love and maybe find our next reading obsession. Oh, and if you’re craving more stories that make your heart do the jitterbug, stay tuned. I’ve got a treasure trove of titles just waiting to be unraveled.

And remember, keep those bookmarks handy and the adventures plentiful. Until next time, bookworms – keep turning the pages and living the legends, one clean read at a time!

Happy Reading!

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