Pastor Leo Benjamin, Managing Editor

Early Life and Transformation

Pastor Leo Benjamin serves as the pastor at the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown, Vermont, and as the Managing Editor of “My Faith News.” Raised in Vermont during the peak of the Charismatic movement in the 1970s and 1980s, he experienced a transformative born-again moment in 1977. This event set the course for his life.

Career in South Florida

In 1994, Pastor Leo relocated to South Florida with his wife and three children. There, he pursued a career in the hair industry, honing his skills in marketing and sales. Eventually, he became the director of business development and national sales manager for major hair importers from China and Indonesia. To learn more about the industry, he even spent time in China.

Media and Marketing Expertise

Pastor Leo’s work involved supporting specialty hair studios and helping them market their products and services. Moreover, he facilitated media coverage across most major networks, including PR efforts. Over the years, he has been interviewed many times on major news networks in the United States. Additionally, he leveraged television, radio, and print advertising across various markets. Later, he learned to use digital marketing to help promote the Gospel.

Missionary Work and Leadership

For 25 years, Pastor Leo was actively involved in missionary work. He led teams of young adults to Jamaica in the Caribbean, bringing the Gospel through Vacation Bible Schools, open-air meetings, and preaching engagements. Furthermore, his efforts included organizing trips to Israel and Egypt, helping young adults explore the roots of their faith.

Return to Vermont

In 2017, Pastor Leo returned to Vermont to lead the Church of the Crucified One. Driven by a desire to foster unity among believers and inspire a revival in Vermont, he dedicates his heart to helping people know the saving grace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and fostering a closer walk with Him.