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Assembly Speaker Heastie tours Lake Placid Olympic facilities


LAKE PLACID, N.Y. (WCAX) – New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie made a stop in the Adirondack region Thursday to tour Olympic facilities in Lake Placid.

“Coming here now, it is like a little surreal,” said Heastie. “The great Assemblyman Billy Jones just wanted me to come and see what the state’s investment over the years to refurbish this classic place.”

Lawmakers have poured roughly $500 million into the Olympic facilities over the last seven years as well as an additional $96 million in this year’s state budget, with the hopes of attracting more events, including future Olympic events.

“Without being here to get the full experience, you do not really understand the full impact that it has. So, for us, these are crucial visits and we really appreciate any opportunity we have to thank the state for their support and let them experience that firsthand,” said Ashley Walden with the Olympic Regional Development Authority.

But the Democrat’s tour wasn’t just about touring iconic Olympic facilities, it was also to announce $250,000 in new state funding for a local food pantry and thrift store located next to the Lake Placid Youth Center.

Linda Young, director of the pantry and thrift store, says the funding will help address food insecurity and other needs in the village of athletes. “It’s more than food, it’s taking care of whatever feeling they are coming in with, whatever emotions they are/they have, their family needs,” she said.

Young says they hope to have the pantry’s new location open by this October.

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