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Dame, MAGA Vermonter discuss the Great Divide


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VDC inaugurates first ‘Twitter Spaces’ episode with Paul Dame and others on future of VT GOP

By Paul Bean

The Vermont Daily Chronicle’s first ‘Twitter Spaces’ episode last Thursday evening featured an interesting exchange between MAGA Republican Richard Ley and VTGOP Chairman Paul Dame about the future and direction of the Vermont Republican Party.

“When [U.S. Senate candidate Gerald] Malloy ran last time there were a bunch of people that worked their butts off for that poor guy, I didn’t see a lot of help from the Republican Party in the state of Vermont,” said Ley. “I  went door to door to door, only to be told there’s no sense in voting in the State of Vermont because the Republicans don’t care about us…We’ve got a Governor who didn’t vote for the Republican President. That’s disgraceful… we’re talking all about candidates, but we need voters. We need people to go to the polls.”

Ley was speaking in reference to Governor Phil Scott, who voted for Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. 

Paul Dame:

“One of the things that helps turnout is having candidates. I first got involved because of a particular candidate that I liked, and there are some candidates that will draw voters out and give them a reason to go vote. Then it’s up to us to get those voters to continue voting down ballot for Republicans, and sometimes we got to have different kinds of Republicans drawing out different segments of the electorate to help make sure we’re checking all those boxes. There will be some Republicans who will vote for Phil Scott but not Donald Trump, and there’s going to be some Republicans who will vote for Donald Trump but not Phil Scott, and what we need to make sure is both of those kinds of Republicans are voting for our house candidates and our senate candidates.”

Richard Ley: 

“Well, I think we failed when we support a Governor who refused to vote for the best president in recent history. And when you compare the living conditions today to the time when we lived under Trump. This has to be one of the biggest screw ups in Vermont politics. And now to say ‘oh people are going to vote for Trump, people aren’t, that’s why they won’t go to the polls. We have a Republican Party that flip flops all over the place and nobody likes it.”

Paul Dame:

“Well I think the blame goes both ways – right? There’s plenty of Republicans Donald Trump refuses to support. Right?”

Richard Ley:

“Because they’re not Republicans, let’s be honest about it.”

Paul Dame:

“Well, there’s plenty of people who would say the same about Trump, who had been a Democrat previously. The whole argument about, ‘well this person is a real Republican and that one is not,’ is unhelpful. Wherever we’ve got a candidate I think we’ve got to let the voters decide in the primary, who the Republican voters think is our best chance, and that’s who we’ve got to support. A lot of this division that is happening is a lot of the reason we are not successful… It’s not helpful to the party and getting people elected to say well I’m only going to vote for a narrow band of what I think a real Republican is and otherwise I’m gonna leave it blank.”

This conversation goes on for about another 8 minutes. It was a respectful back and forth between two gentlemen who both obviously care about the State of Vermont and the direction and future of the state. 

If you get the opportunity, I recommend going back and listening to the entire exchange which starts at 1:05:10. Linked below is the spaces. 

As their debate winded down, Dame continued to drive his point that within the party, both “MAGA” republicans and “Phil Scott Republicans” are BOTH responsible for the division and dysfunction within the party:

Richard Ley:

“Gerald Malloy had a wonderful event down in Rutland, Vermont. A bus came to honor that guy, do you know how many Republican candidates, or Republican legislators were there to support this guy? Any idea?”

Paul Dame:

I don’t know. 

Richard Ley:

“None, that’s how many. That’s disgraceful. Why wasn’t our Governor there?”

Paul Dame:

Well I mean I think it’s a double edged sword,  right? Are you willing to support the Governor?

Richard Ley:

No. Absolutely not. I’ll never vote for him again. 

Paul Dame:

“Well Richard, don’t you see how that’s a double standard? You want the Governor’s unyielding support for your preferred candidate, but you’re not willing to give that same unyielding support, to a Governor who wins a primary with 68% of the vote.”

Richard Ley:

“Yes, that’s because Democrats vote for him because he’s a progressive. Our Governor sold us out of gun rights when he swore to never do that. And that is when that man lost all credibility in this state… when he lied to the gun owners in the State of Vermont…”

We are planning to do more of these in the near future, PLEASE get your X account set up so that you can participate. Keep your eye on the Chronicle for the next one. 

The author is the Vermont Daily Chronicle Social Media Director.

The post Dame, MAGA Vermonter discuss the Great Divide first appeared on Vermont Daily Chronicle.

The post Dame, MAGA Vermonter discuss the Great Divide appeared first on Vermont Daily Chronicle.

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