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Empowering Change: The Father’s House Board Makes Generous Donation to Teen Challenge Vermont

Matt Briglia & Travis Morehouse Present David Piers with a Cutting Board

By Pastor Leo Benjamin MyFaithNews

A Heartfelt Visit to Teen Challenge Vermont

David Piers, Executive Director of Covered Bridge Recovery Ministry and President of The Fathers House Board, recently visited Teen Challenge in Johnson, Vermont. This visit marked a special occasion for both organizations, emphasizing their shared commitment to helping individuals overcome addiction through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Experiencing the Dedication at Teen Challenge

During his visit, Mr. Piers attended a leadership staff meeting attended by around 20 people, and then Mike Duarte, Matt Briglia, and Travis Morehouse gave him a tour of Teen Challenge Vermont’s impressive facility. This organization is renowned for its dedication to transforming lives through faith-based programs. The tour highlighted the dedication and commitment of the staff, showcasing the life-changing work they do for those struggling with addiction.

A Gesture of Goodwill

In a touching gesture of goodwill, David Piers was presented with a beautifully crafted cutting board. This gift symbolized the bond and mutual support between the two organizations. The cutting board, a work of art, represents the spirit of collaboration and kindness that underpins Teen Challenge’s mission.

A Joyous Occasion

The highlight of the visit was when David Piers, on behalf of The Fathers House Board, presented Teen Challenge Vermont with a donation check for $20,738.11 as part of the Teen Challenge matching donor program, bringing the total to $41,476.22. The Fathers House Board was blessed to be a part of this effort, reflecting the deep respect and admiration for Teen Challenge and its tireless efforts to bring hope and healing to individuals battling addiction.

Supporting a Noble Mission

“It was a joyous occasion to bless Teen Challenge for their incredible work,” said David Piers. “Their commitment to transforming lives through the power of the Gospel is truly inspiring. We are grateful for the opportunity to support their mission and contribute to their impactful work.”

A Partnership for Positive Change

The Fathers House Board’s donation will undoubtedly help Teen Challenge Vermont continue its vital programs and services, offering a lifeline to those in need. The partnership between these organizations exemplifies the strength and unity within the Christian community, working together to bring about positive change.

Reflecting Christian Love and Compassion

In conclusion, the visit to Teen Challenge Vermont was a heartwarming and memorable experience. The exchange of gifts and the generous donation signify the shared vision and commitment to helping individuals overcome addiction and find new hope in Christ. Under the leadership of David Piers, The Fathers House Board remains dedicated to supporting such noble causes, reflecting the true essence of Christian love and compassion.

David Piers serves as the President of the Board of Directors for The Fathers House and is the director of Covered Bridge, an organization that helps men who suffer from addiction or are just getting out of prison get back on their feet. This level of collaboration for the common good showcases the power of the Gospel in bringing hope to those in need.

The author is pastor of the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown and publisher of MyFaithNews.