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Evangelist Tommie Zito Ignites a Region-Wide Awakening in Vermont & Western New Hampshire

Photo by Pastor Leo Benjamin
from left to right Evg Tommie Zito, Pastor Michael Gantt

By Pastor Leo Benjamin

Internationally recognized evangelist Tommie Zito has been known for his unwavering zeal for winning the lost and his dynamic approach to spreading the Gospel. His most recent endeavor brought him to White River Junction, Vermont, from June 30 to July 6, 2024. Partnering with Agape Christian Fellowship in Brattleboro, VT, Tommie Zito has embarked on a mission to ignite a region-wide awakening, mobilizing the Church to its most fundamental calling: to win souls for Christ.

During this week-long mission, Zito’s fervent passion and compelling message resonated deeply with the Body of Christ across Vermont and Western New Hampshire. His vision is clear and ambitious: to raise up and equip evangelists over the next five years, ensuring that every corner of this region is reached with the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ.

A Call to Revival and Evangelism

Tommie Zito’s approach to ministry is characterized by an urgency that mirrors the times we live in. He firmly believes that the Church does not have much time and must act swiftly and decisively to fulfill its divine mandate. During his stay in White River Junction, Zito conducted a series of impactful services and training sessions, including going out in the streets with teams to tell people in Vermont and New Hampshire the Good news “Jesus loves them.” Zito emphasizes the critical need for evangelism and the importance of personal testimonies in overcoming spiritual battles.

In one of his stirring messages, Zito reflected on the prophetic word over New Hampshire, highlighting its historical significance as the first state to sign the Declaration of Independence and its potential role in a spiritual reawakening. He shared a vision of New Hampshire and Vermont being the first states in the country to be completely evangelized, setting a precedent for the rest of the nation. This vision aligns with his broader goal of seeing a spiritual unity and alignment that can turn the nation back to God.

A Commitment to Long-Term Evangelism

The partnership with Agape Christian Fellowship marks the beginning of a significant five-year commitment to evangelism in Vermont and Western New Hampshire. This initiative aims to train and equip local believers to become effective evangelists, capable of reaching their communities with the Gospel. Zito’s strategy involves intense training sessions, practical evangelism workshops, and continuous support to ensure that the fire of evangelism keeps burning long after his departure.

Throughout his time in White River Junction, Zito also emphasized the importance of unity among the Body of Christ. He believes that a collective effort is essential to achieving the ambitious goal of regional evangelization. By bringing together believers from various denominations and backgrounds, he aims to create a powerful, unified front against the spiritual challenges facing the region.

Impact and Future Prospects

According to Pastor Michael Gantt, more than 300 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior during this powerful week of evangelism. The impact of Tommie Zito’s visit is already being felt across Vermont and Western New Hampshire. Churches are reporting renewed zeal among their congregations, and many believers are stepping out in faith to share the Gospel in their communities. The region is witnessing the early signs of a spiritual awakening that Zito envisions will sweep across the entire nation.

Five-year commitment

As the five-year commitment unfolds, the focus will remain on continuous training and mobilization of evangelists. Regular follow-up meetings, regional evangelism events, and collaborative efforts among local churches will ensure that the momentum gained during Zito’s visit is sustained and even increased.

In conclusion, Evangelist Tommie Zito’s visit to White River Junction, VT, marks the beginning of a significant spiritual movement in Vermont and Western New Hampshire. His passion for winning the lost, combined with a strategic, long-term approach to evangelism, promises to bring about a profound transformation in the region. The Church is being called to its most fundamental mission – to win men to Christ – and with leaders like Tommie Zito, the future looks bright for a region-wide awakening that could impact the entire nation.

The author is pastor of the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown and publisher of MyFaithNews.