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Future of Durkee Street development back to square one


PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (WCAX) – After years of litigation, the developers of a proposed Durkee Street housing project in Plattsburgh are scrapping their original plans.

“The proposal to step back and change the project is something that we are all interested in, curious about,” said PlattsburghMayor Chris Rosenquest.

Rosenquest says the legal battle is over for the Prime housing development. The developer was awarded $4 million eight years ago to build a 110-unit, mixed-use apartment complex on the Durkee Street parking lot.

Opponents from the Plattsburgh Citizens Coalition, a group of residents and business owners, filed a lawsuit arguing the city did not carry out a sufficient environmental review. Years of legal turmoil led the developer to change course on the project. But to what remains unclear.

“At the end of the day, it is still a component of housing that is critical to the city of Plattsburgh and that is something we will continue to advocate for,” said Rosenquest.

John Seiden owns the building at 43 Durkee Street directly across the parking lot. He says the Plattsburgh Citizens Coalition wants Prime to set its sights on more parking and more of a mixed-use building. “We would love to go back to the original DRI plan that called for 45 apartments and some commercial storefronts, along with a parking garage. Parking has always been a major problem down here for us,” he said.

It’s a proposal Rosenquest says has already been discussed. “I think something people should understand is that any level of development in our downtown is going to revitalize and help attract people there,” he said.

Rosenquest says Prime’s new plan and development agreement should be before the Common Council for a vote later this summer.

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