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Hardware stores keep ahead of cold temperatures


SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Although it has been a mild winter in the Green Mountain State, it’s important to prepare for any future cold snaps. Hardware stores like Ace in South Burlington has the tools to help.

“Well first and foremost you need to be careful of how you’re walking so we highly recommend you getting up on your salt and sand we do carry tracking sands and different types of salt for any type of situation. So, if you got pets, we’ve got safe pet ones and we do carry like huge bags of sand,” Ace Hardware Store Assistant Manager Rachel Putnam said.

Something Hinesburg resident Mike Garavelli makes sure he stays on top of.

“We do keep up on the salt – salt and sand put on the driveway and the sidewalk,” Garavelli said.

Putnam says having the right equipment in your car is vital.

“Keeping a bag of tube sand in the back of your vehicle if you have issues, you can just pull out sand quickly in your car and be able to put it under your tires same with cat litter,” she said.

And with cold temperatures – pipes are at a higher risk of freezing.

“For piping and everything – if you are concerned about your pipes freezing you can leave it open a little bit and let them drip,” she said.

To prevent pipes from freezing – Putnam says to make sure thermostats are above 55 degrees at all times. To warm up pipes, it’s important to keep cabinets open as well as kitchen and bathroom doors. Adding insulation to attics and basements can also be beneficial. Insulation will keep those areas warm – and prevent any drafts. If you cannot thaw the pipe on your own Putnam says to call a licensed plumber.

“I would highly recommend reaching out to a professional at that point. If you’re really concerned about situations especially if you need more advice or stop into a hardware store and ask more people,” she said.

Putnam says Ace provides supplies like ‘roof melt’ for outside of your home too.

“It’s a little tablet to throw up on your roof if there’s a whole bunch of ice and pile of snow on that and then it melts off completely,” she said.

Check any other faucets you may have — to see if there are other frozen pipes. It is possible that if one pipe freezes, others can freeze as well.

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