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Renewed Perspective on Death: Hear Dean Braxton’s Inspiring Testimony of Life After Death

from left to right Pastor Bill Richardson, Pastor Gregg Simpson, Pastor Leo Benjamin

by Pastor Leo Benjamin, MyFaithNews

In an inspiring collaboration as Central Vermont pastors meet to plan this amazing event, included are Pastor Gregg Simpson of Hunger Mountain Christian Assembly in Waterbury Center, Pastor Bill Richardson of Calais Woodbury United Church in South Woodbury, and Pastor Leo Benjamin of the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown, have joined forces to bring Dean Braxton to Central Vermont. Dean Braxton, a man with remarkable testimony, will share his extraordinary life experience after death.

In 2006, Braxton suffered multiple organ failure and was clinically dead for an hour and forty-five minutes. During this time, he recounts an incredible journey to heaven. He witnessed the prayers from earth, saw angels assigned to him, and met Jesus, the Savior. Braxton recalls the overwhelming feelings of rest and peace, likening it to being home. Braxton shared, “The first thing that comes to me is, He’s bright, just like John said, ‘He’s brighter than the noonday sun,’ and the next phrase, I wish people could grab it, and it’s this one: ‘We could look at Him.’ And what you’re looking at is not so much the physical part of it–you’re really experiencing the love He has for you. It’s like He only loves you and no one else. I saw Him communicating to angels. He would look at them. Communication there was thought to thought. They would acknowledge receiving His information, bow before Him like this, and then back out.”

Renewed Perspective on Death and Hope for Life After Death

Attending this meeting offers a unique opportunity to gain a renewed perspective on death and to find hope for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Dean Braxton’s testimony provides a comforting and hopeful view of death, seeing it not as an end but as a transition to a place of eternal rest and joy. For those who have lost loved ones, Braxton’s vivid recounting of his time in heaven offers reassurance and solace, affirming the Christian belief in heaven as a real and welcoming home.

Braxton’s experience also reinforces the hope of being reunited with loved ones who have passed away, offering a powerful source of comfort and strength to the bereaved. Hearing about Braxton’s peace and love in heaven can bring a sense of calm and peace to those mourning, reminding them that their loved ones are in a place of perfect peace and happiness. His return to life and mission to share his story can inspire attendees to live their lives with purpose and hope, knowing each person has a divine plan.

Why Attend?

Today, Braxton shares his story to encourage others to follow Christ. His testimony of hope and faith has inspired many, and now, he is bringing that message to Central Vermont. Dean Braxton will speak in Waterbury, Vermont, at Rusty Parker Memorial Park, 51 S Main St, Waterbury, VT 05676. He will be accompanied by the “Hope Worship Team,” enhancing the event with uplifting music and worship.

This event represents a powerful moment of unity among local churches, working together to bring a message of hope and faith to the community. It offers a unique opportunity to hear a remarkable testimony, feel the presence of God, witness the power of unity, and be inspired and encouraged in your faith. Additionally, it provides a renewed perspective on death, offering comfort and hope to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Attending this meeting can bring profound hope and healing, reinforcing the faith of those who are grieving and reminding them of God’s eternal promises.

You are encouraged to bring a friend, especially if you know someone who needs encouragement. Mark your calendar—you don’t want to miss this event. It starts at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, July 17th. To see the complete list of events with Dean Braxton, go to the events page on MyFaithNews.org.

The author is pastor of the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown and publisher of MyFaithNews.