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‘South Africa Pray!’ — There was something different about this prophetic word, says media minister

Lebogang, right, and Thabang Lebeloane of River Life TV

A few weeks ago Lebogang Lebeloane released a prophetic word to South Africa on social media through the River Life TV media ministry which she and her husband launched in October 2022.

“We release prophetic words every single month,” she told Gateway News. But this word — about a call on SA to be consumed with prayer that would ignite revival fires — was different. God started birthing it in her heart in October last year and she could have released it in November. But she delayed the release due to an internal struggle with the weightiness of the message.

She said they did nothing different regarding the way in which they released the word — other than to launch it through a new River Life TV programme, The Lion’s Roar, “through which the Lord had said He would speak to nations, industries and big corporations”.

It was the first word they were releasing on The Lion’s Roar and from the day it went out it was apparent that this word was getting much more traction than any word they had released before. At the time of posting this report the word has been viewed nearly 160 000 times on Tik Tok and 33 000 times on YouTube [see clip below].

“There was nothing I could attribute to this traction,” said Lebogang. “But I think from when we released it, we let go of it. And I believe that is one of the reasons why we’re just seeing the Spirit of God carrying it.”

Lebogang, 36, a freelance leadership and business development consultant in Pretoria, said she has been following Jesus since the age of 12. Recently, she and Thabang have been helping her parents to lead their church in the Bronkhorstspruit area. In October 2021 they obeyed a prompting from the Lord to enter a time of prayer and fasting and that was where they received a call to start a media ministry which would be “a ministry of the Spirit hosting God enthroned, expressing His supernatural, true and divine life here on Earth”.

We discussed key aspects of her recent prophetic word to SA which you can view in full in the video clip above [You can also read a transcript of the word at the bottom of this page which Lebogang said she edited slightly for length].

Some of the points that came out of our discussion were:

During October, as well as hearing God calling on South African believers to intensify their prayer, “I started sensing a fire brewing in the Spirit”. The Lord reminded her of a time in 2011 when she had a vison of revival fires. In October she realised the fire she was sensing now is the revival fire she “saw” 13 years ago — and that it would require much prayer to ignite the fire.

In October she had two dreams. One was about something that will be exposed concerning a police appoinment during a previous presidency. The other had to do with a call on young Christians to participate in politics. She said she believes the dreams are linked to coming “shakings”.

She emphasised that through the prophetic word, God was showing that He will be behind some of the shakings ahead. It will be important to stay in prayer in order to pay attention to what He is doing. Over a period of seven years of change, starting last year, there will be both “shaking” and “sifting”, which God will use to create space for revival that will erupt out of what seems like serious chaos. The sifting will see authentic, Kingdom-hearted people rising unexpectedly to occupy certain strategic positions — especially in politics.

Below is Lebogang’s redacted transcript of her word:

An overdue Prophetic Word we received for the LORD going into 2024 and beyond. THE LION’S ROAR is a River Life TV program through which the Lord said He would speak to Nations, Industries and Big Corporations. Written Word: (Some text cut 4 space) I heard the Lord say “South Africa PRAY!” These words became more and more emphasized as we entered into 2024. I started sensing a FIRE brewing from around October 2023, and in November, the Lord took me back to an experience I had when I was at Varsity in April of 2011. We were gathered in a cottage – praying and worshiping with a number of young ladies – when I fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and the moment my body hit the floor, I began to see a vision. In this vision, I saw hands – I saw 2 masive hands joined together in this way and these hands were huge! I saw these hands sweeping over the country of South Africa from the North Western part of the country, all throughout and in an upward direction. On the front of these hands I saw a company of people. Wherever these hands swept over, I saw fires starting to burn. From the North Western part of the country, all around South Africa and they started to go up the African continent. As the hands went up, the fires continued to Burn. As these hands went up Namibia, I saw a man, black, his hair was thick, dark and glistening – a giant – but he was sleeping on the ground with the lower half of his body buried under the ground and the top part of his body lying above the ground. As the hands went up through Namibia, I saw an angel tapping him on the shoulder, shaking him to come up – awakening him. The fires continued to burn all the way up the entire continent of Africa and then I began to see people flying from other continents with torches – like the olympic torches that are usually lit up with a fire. I saw people flying from the East and the West, from different continents – and they were coming to pick up the fire and take it back to their own countries, their own nations, their own continents. The Lord said to me, “The massive hands and the company of people signify THE MIGHTY MOVE OF MY SPIRIT SWEEPING OVER THE NATION. “The Fires are fires of revival.” South Africa It has been said and confirmed numerous times the significant role you will play in Endtime Revival! I heard the Lord say “South Africa PRAY” “SOUTH AFRICA PRAY” These Revival Fires will be ignited by Your Prayer. “Pray as a Nation, Pray as a Collective In your homes, in your workplaces, in your churches, in your schools, in your communities, PRAY. Let prayer consume the entire country.” Make space for God in your different places. PRAY “Do not wait to be given permission. Pray” Start prayers, restart prayers. Pray for this country. Pray for your schools. Pray for your young people in schools. Pray for revival. Pray that you will not go to bed in peace and wake up in war. Pray. Create space for God in your different places. “Pray.” “Guard furiously over your places of Education.” Says the Lord. I saw young people between the ages of 13 and 17 catching on a fire that could not be put out. I saw how those who caught it took it to their schools and there was revival. Pray for them says the Lord. Guard furiously over your political spaces – places of governance. PRAY. We will see the political space shaken. More and more exposure will take place. I was taken in a dream to an office in the SAPS where I saw things dating back to previous administrations getting ready to be uncovered. I saw in another dream a woman politician convincing her son to enter the political space, focusing on the gates of the Education System. We will see different industries shaken. In the midst of all the shakings, I heard the LORD say “see what I Am doing says the Lord.” Discern what the Lord is doing. The Lord showed me how we have entered a 7 year period which started in 2023. Change. Waves upon waves of Change. We will continue to see through physical sight – instability – shakings – more and more physical, natural experiences that were unusual in our country taking place, but the Lord says “PRAY. Pray to see what I am doing in the midst of it all.” The physical ramblings are an expression of what is already taking place in the spirit over this country. I heard the Lord say “Lift up Your Horn and raise a sound! Blow your trumpet and raise a sound. Awaken the Nations to purpose with Your sound. Lift up Your Horn and raise a sound. Blow Your trumpet and raise a sound.” The Lord says “There is a sound that needs to come up from the Church in South Africa to the Nations of the earth. Lift up Your Horn, blow the trumpet and raise a Sound. So the Lord says to you South Africa PRAY In the midst of the shaking, discern what I AM doing says the Lord Lift up your horn, blow the trumpet and raise a sound. South Africa PRAY South Africa Lift up your horn, blow the trumpet and raise a sound. Lebogang Lebeloane Released 05 February 2024.

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