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The pressing need for pastoral leadership: Call to Action for American Pastors 

Leo Benjamin photo
Tim Throckmorton Speaking at the Vermont Pastors and Christian Leaders Meeting

by Pastor Leo Benjamin, MyFaithNews

During a recent address at the Vermont Pastors and Christian Leaders monthly meeting held at Hunger Mountain Christian Assembly in Waterbury Center, Vermont, Tim Throckmorton, the National Director for Church Engagement and Community Impact from the Family Research Council, passionately outlined the crucial role of Watchman Pastors in America’s religious and societal landscape. Throckmorton’s message underscored their duties’ spiritual and historical importance, drawing compelling parallels to the vigilant watchmen of ancient times.

Throckmorton vividly recounted episodes from American history, emphasizing the influential role of faith leaders in spiritual realms and as active participants in the nation’s founding. He invoked stories of notable figures such as George Washington and Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, who seamlessly integrated their religious responsibilities with civic involvement.

At the heart of his discourse was an urgent commentary on the current cultural milieu, marked by various worldviews, including nihilism, post-modernism, and a dominant trend towards moralistic therapeutic deism. Highlighting unsettling research by George Barna, Throckmorton pointed out that a tiny percentage of Americans maintain a biblical worldview, underscoring the pressing need for pastoral leadership in steering cultural conversations.

Moreover, Throckmorton detailed the proactive initiatives undertaken by the Family Research Council to bolster pastors and churches in amplifying their community impact. He elaborated on the array of resources available to pastors to enhance their capacity to address societal issues effectively, from civic education initiatives to voter mobilization and advocacy for Israel.

The address concluded on a deeply personal note, with Throckmorton sharing a touching interaction with his granddaughter, who inquired about his efforts to ‘save America.’ This poignant moment linked his professional endeavors to a personal crusade, resonating with his audience and reinforcing that pastoral duties extend far beyond church boundaries into the essence of national identity and the shaping of its future.

Throckmorton’s stirring call to action was unequivocal: pastors must rise beyond passive observation and spiritual guidance to actively engage as watchmen, combining prayer with decisive action. Thus, they will shape the nation at a pivotal crossroads, akin to the ancient watchmen who safeguarded their communities with vigilance and foresight.

The author is pastor of the Church of the Crucified One in Moretown and publisher of MyFaithNews.