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Vermont on track to become a ‘blue zone,’ report says


BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – A recent report says Vermont is on track to become a blue zone. Those are areas around the world where people consistently live longer, because of certain lifestyle traits.

Demographers say blue zones have commonalities that prioritize natural movement, purpose, the ability to de-stress, a focus on plant-based diets and eating the right-enough amount.

The Health Department says Vermont’s nature and agriculture are reasons the state may be on track to become a blue zone, however, the state still has some serious hurdles to overcome.

“About 20% of Vermonters don’t get any leisure time or physical activity, and only about 23% of Vermonters are eating the recommended five fruits and vegetables a day,” said Moira Cook, the director of the Health Promotion Disease Prevention Division at the Vermont Department of Health.

Cook believes the Health Department will help to fill the political, economic and social gaps with state programs and partners.

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